Neil awaits Avni’s love confession in Naamkarann


Avni compares herself with Juhi. She feels Neil doesn’t love her and just wanted to make her a better person. She feels Neil would have not liked her if Juhi was present now. Neil clears to her that she is his present. He asks her to know Juhi was her past and not feel insecure. Avni gets relieved knowing his feelings. Neil wishes Avni also confesses her feelings to him. Aman steals some money and goes to meet Dayavanti in jail. He hands over the money to her.

Avni turns upset with Shweta. Neela stops Avni from talking to Shweta. Bebe surprises Avni. Dayavanti meets Gurumaa and makes a plan against Avni. Dayavanti shows attitude to Gurumaa. Neil asks Avni to reply to his feelings. Neil wants to make Avni wear the kamarbandh, gifted by Bebe. Gurumaa agrees to help Dayavanti. Dayavanti tells Gurumaa to let Meher meet Avni, who would help them in getting Neil. Dayavanti asks her to target Avni, and catch her. Avni and family wait for Ali for Ganesh aarti. Riya comes with a plan. Dayavanti tells her plan to Gurumaa. They send the goon to Neil’s house to kidnap Avni.


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