Aman re-plans to strike Avni in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni has eaten the drugged jalebis. Neil takes care of her. Avni talks in sleep and confesses her love to Neil. She never speaks up her feelings to Neil. Neil gets glad hearing Avni sharing her feelings in such state. Riya and Aman have added the drugs in jalebis to kidnap Avni. Neil tells Avni that he also loves her. Avni asks Neil to promise he will always be with her. Neil promises her.

Avni knows Ali can never do this. Neil is happy to know Avni cares for him. Neil wants Avni to speak her love in all her senses. Avni asks Neil to have breakfast before leaving for work. Avni handcuffs Neil and feeds breakfast to him. Neil sees love in her eyes for him. Neil asks her to say those wonderful things which she said in sleepy state. Avni gets speechless in front of him. Neil and Avni have an eyelock. Avni is annoyed with him, as he is busy in case, he is not taking good diet and medicines as advised by doctor. Avni turns caring towards Neil. The family comes to see Neil. Neil and Avni feel embarrassed.


The blame of all the incident goes on Ali. Avni comes home from police station. Aman takes care of Avni and hugs her. He tells her that he will not let anything happen to Ali, he will help her. Avni gets emotional. Aman plans to get Avni killed. A sharp shooter aims at Avni. He signs the shooter. Neil comes there and Aman’s plan fails. Avni asks Neil and DD not to doubt on Ali, he can’t do this. She tells him that she knows Ali since childhood, he is not bad. She asks Neil to talk to Ali first.

Neil tells Avni that he will do what’s right according to law. DD finds evidence and talks to Neil. All the evidences are against Ali. DD says I don’t know if Ali has really done this. DD tells Avni that he trusts Ali. Avni asks Neil to promise that they will not blame Ali without getting their facts right. Neil tells her that they are just investigating the case and doing their duty, they are not blaming Ali. Neil doesn’t want to do anything going against the law. He asks Avni to trust him and leave the case in his hands. Avni is sure that Neil won’t do injustice with Ali.


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