Chandni vows to find Advay’s past in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Chandni apologizes to Indrani and weeps on phone. Murli informs Advay and his family that Chandni didn’t eat anything since she came here. Advay gets concerned for Chandni. Chandni wants love from Indrani. Mama tells her that Indrani will never love her. Chandni’s stay in inlaws is getting worse. Advay is creating troubles for her. Advay turns caring towards her some time. Advay takes the food for Chandni. Pooja stops him and teases him. Advay asks her to take food for Chandni. She says you had put many efforts in making halwa for her, you go to her. Advay insists Pooja and sends her. Chandni likes the food. Pooja understands Chandni. He has a soft corner for Chandni. Advay meets Chandni and asks her if she has taken food. Chandni and Advay share a moment.

Chandni refuses to leave the house. Advay wants her to leave the house and tells her that he will compel her to leave by her wish. He gives her a warning. Chandni faints by seeing a big spider in the room. Advay gets to know that spiders are venomous. Chandni gets worried seeing so many spiders. Advay runs to save Chandni from the spiders. He finds Chandni unconscious and cares for her. Advay gets bitten by the spider. Chandni learns Advay has saved her. She meets Advay and asks him what’s his reason to hate her and hold enmity. Advay doesn’t tell him anything. She asks him why did he save her, is he really her enemy or not. She tells him that she will find his truth. She promises to know his past. Chandni meets Nani and tries to know about Advay’s past. Nani doesn’t tell her anything. Chandni and Advay have a confrontation.


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