Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Good days are back in Simar’s house. Simar is entering Bharadwaj house again. Simar has failed Bhairavi’s planning. Simar and entire family come back home. Bhairavi can’t bear her failure. She asks Simar to leave from her house. She tries to throw the bags out. Sameer defends Bhairavi. Simar tells everyone that Prem is alive and he has power of attorney on his name. Sameer tells them that Mata ji has signed all papers. They correct Sameer to tell about the clause. Simar shows the legal papers to Bhairavi.



Pavan plans a birthday surprise for Devanshi. It all gets ruined when Kalki does drama along with Maya and Kusum Sundari. Pavan asks Devanshi to leave all tensions and celebrate her birthday well. Pavan wants to make her birthday special. She likes the surprise birthday party. She likes the decorations. She tells Pavan that she didn’t remember her birthday. Pavan wishes her birthday and tells her that he knows her well.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori have an argument. Shorvori feels jealous because of Teni. Parth and Shorvori shed tears. Parth swears to Shorvori that she is thinking wrong, he just loves her, she has a misunderstanding in mind. He doesn’t like to explain much to her. Parth tells her that he was just helping Teni. Shorvori questions Parth. She tells him that Teni is spoiling things in their lives, why does he always care for Teni. She gets angry on him for not caring for her any more. She asks Parth is it normal when Teni gets close to him. She asks is she mad to not react on so many things she is observing between Parth and Teni.


Naina is upset after Meghna and her argument. Saavri plans revenge from Chauhans. Sharda gets to know Saavri’s revenge motives. She tries to meet Saavri and neutralize her. Meghna and Naina plan something for Sharda’s birthday. They made a special plan and reach Sharda’s house along with their husbands. Meghna is thinking Naina is responsible for Kunal’s state. Meghna and Naina’s bond has spoiled. Meghna doesn’t talk to Naina. They all get cake and gifts for Sharda. Mami ji taunts Meghna and Kunal for turning poor. Sharda asks Mami ji to apologize to Kunal. Kunal says its okay, no need to make Mama ji apologize. Meghna feels sad and hugs Sharda. Sharda wants to bring her daughters closer.


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