High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Shakti: Harman beats up Balwinder in anger. Everyone gets worried. Harman scolds Balwinder for misbehaving with Soumya. Soumya comes in between and stops Harman. Raavi asks Preeto and Harak to stop Harman. She doesn’t know Balwinder was attempting to molest Soumya. Raavi feels Harman will kill Balwinder.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Chandni’s stay in inlaws is getting worse. Advay is creating troubles for her. Advay turns caring towards her. Advay takes the food for Chandni. Pooja stops him and teases him. Advay asks her to take food for Chandni. She says you had put many efforts in making halwa for her, you go to her. Advay insists Pooja and sends her. He has a soft corner for Chandni. Advay meets Chandni and asks her if she has taken food. Chandni and Advay share a moment. Chandni faints by seeing a big spider in the room.


Bhavya likes Oberois family bonding. Bhavya misses her family. She gets emotional and cries. Rudra makes a plan. Rudra confesses his love to Bhavya by a sweet gesture. He showers flowers on her. Bhavya likes the rose petals raining on her. Bhavya was much upset, which makes Rudra take this step. Bhavya too realizes his love. Their love story is getting ahead. They share a romantic moment. Bhavya is happy seeing Rudra become a responsible guy. She feels proud of him. She sees Rudra getting hurt. She does the aid to his hand. Their romance will be seen. Rudra wants to earn money. He asks Dadi to give money for his work. Dadi asks him why is he asking for money. He says I have worked hard, give me money along with blessings. She asks him to ask money from Shivay. He refuses to ask Shivay. Rudra understands the value of money, all because of Bhavya.


Imli has ruined Suraj and Chakor’s love story. Suraj burns Chakor’s pictures and hates her for leaving him. Suraj drinks wine and wants to forget all the ethics taught by Chakor. Imli acts to console Suraj, but gets happy seeing Suraj in pain. Chakor is recovering at pandit’s house. Pandit saves Chakor’s life. Suraj gets over drunk. He wants to part away from Chakor’s memories Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini try to explain Suraj. Suraj asks them not to explain anything, he will live as he wants. Chakor gets conscious and recalls few moments spent with Suraj. Pandit asks Chakor to take rest. Chakor and Suraj’s incomplete story will get completed soon.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj has taken revenge. He is doing this for his mum’s sake. Adhiraj has made Devi helpless. Devi loves her family a lot and came to mandap for marriage. Devi had run away to avoid marrying Adhiraj. Adhiraj threatens her and forces her for marriage. Adhiraj marries Devi by all rituals. They take the seven rounds and vows. Devi’s uncle cries knowing Adhiraj will ruin Devi’s life. Devi shouts on Adhiraj and asks him to free her sister. She says marriage is over now, tell me where is my sister, you think you are Lord, but you had to take support of a little girl to make me agree for marriage. She gives him a lecture.


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