TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Love Ka Hai Intezaar: Kamini learns about Ayaan and Mohini’s love story. Kamini calls police and gets Ayaan beaten up by police. She wants to teach a lesson to Ayaan. She asks inspector to keep Ayaan away from Mohini, he is troubling a lot. Ayaan asks inspector to do anything, Mohini loves him and that’s why she is supporting him, if he was teasing her, she would have slapped him. Kamini asks inspector to take action against Ayaan. She doesn’t want Ayaan to come her home. Ayaan gets beaten. Mohini worries for him and cries. Kamini controls Mohini. She stops Mohini from going to him. Ayaan is mad about Mohini. Mohini doesn’t want to upset Kamini. Ayaan wants to get Mohini’s love and convince Kamini.


Kusum Sundari targets Kalki and makes her Mata to present her in front of the villagers. Everyone believes Kusum Sundari’s lie and regard Kalki as Mata. Devanshi and Pavan get worried. Kusum Sundari plays the same game with Kalki, which she has played with Devanshi many years ago. Devanshi and Pavan try to explain them. Pavan tells villagers that Kusum Sundari is using their innocence and fooling them, are they blind and stupid to believe Kusum Sundari. He says you all won’t get anything by trusting her. Devanshi tells them that Kusum Sundari has snatched her childhood, and now she is snatching Kalki’s childhood. She clears that she will not let injustice happen with Kalki. She asks villagers why are they ruining Kalki’s life, they did the same with her and ruined her childhood, atleast leave Kalki.


Gauri is worried and passes her tension to Omkara. Gauri tells him that he is a big fool to accept the challenge, he doesn’t know Dangal rules, the wrestler will not even let him rest his foot on the ground, there is no hospital nearby to admit him when he loses. Omkara says nothing will happen, I will manage. She tells him that overconfidence is not good. Omkara says anyone can fight and win by mind, not power. Gauri tells him that he doesn’t have to make any painting using his mind, he has to fight by power. Omkara tells her that he knows what’s Dangal and he is not afraid of any challenge. Gauri tries explaining him to get back, Dangal is very tough. She is afraid that Omkara will get his bones broken up. Omkara says I just have 24 hours and have to start preparations soon. She asks him to go and refuse to the wrestler. Omkara practices to get the knack of the Dangal game.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni gets afraid when she gets locked in a room. She knocks the door and shouts for help. None is around to help her. Teni falls short of breath and faints. Teni gets this horrible dream. She finds it as a warning sign. Parth gets food for her. Teni scolds him for coming late. She says you don’t care for me, I called you many times, I have heard you won’t take me out to have icecream. He asks her to have food for baby’s sake. She keeps a condition and asks him to feed food to her. She tells him that she finds it strange when he doesn’t talk to her. He agrees to her just for baby’s sake.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Bhairavi calls Sanjana home by an excuse. Bhairavi attacks Sanjana. Sanjana falls in a new problem. She is very much worried. Bhairavi wants to kidnap Sanjana. Sanjana fights with her. Sanjana tries to run away and collides with Sameer. Sameer doesn’t know the matter. Sanjana scolds him for his repentance drama, if all his tears were fake. She tells him about Bhairavi’s kidnapping plan. Sameer gets a shock and denies everything. She expresses hatred and goes. Sameer is worried by Bhairavi’s move.


Riya is kidnapped by Dayavanti and Raghu pandit/Gurumaa’s goons. They planned to kidnap Avni, but Riya gets trapped. The family worries for Riya. The kidnapping blame comes on Ali. Riya is sent back home with a new plan. Riya comes home in a dizzy state. Shweta and others care for Riya. They treat Riya and get her reach a stable state to know what happened with her. Riya comes to senses and tells everyone that she was kidnapped at night, the kidnappers came to kidnap Avni. Neil gets informed that Ali is behind all this. Avni refuses to believe this. She tells Neil not to blame Ali, as he can never do this.

Nimki is very worried. Her brother gets injured. She does not have money to get her brother treated at the hospital. She takes help from Babbu. Babbu lends her some money. She takes money from him and tells him that she will return money to him. He asks her to keep money, he doesn’t take back money once he gives to someone. She says I m bit different from you, I don’t keep anyone’s favor. Later on, Nimki runs after his jeep. She stops him and asks him to take the money back. She irritates him a lot. He asks his brother to take money from Nimki. She is impressed by Babbu. She thanks him for help.


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