Pavan surprises Devanshi on her birthday


Pavan plans a birthday surprise for Devanshi. It all gets ruined when Kalki does drama along with Maya and Kusum Sundari. Pavan asks Devanshi to leave all tensions and celebrate her birthday well. Pavan wants to make her birthday special. She likes the surprise birthday party. She likes the decorations. She tells Pavan that she didn’t remember her birthday. Pavan wishes her birthday and tells her that he knows her well.

Devanshi cuts the cake and feeds to Pavan. Pavan tells Devanshi that he truly loves her, she maybe thinking he is doing all this to win her heart, but its nothing like that, he is doing this for happiness, he has hope that she will accept him some day. He cracks jokes and makes her smile. Pavan’s sweet gesture impresses her. She has no feelings for Pavan, but likes him as a friend. Pavan shows her a sweet collage he has made to remind her all her best memories. She likes all the arrangements he made with a thought.



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