Ali to get kidnapped in Naamkarann


Avni’s trust on Ali doesn’t break when everyone was doubting Ali. Ali messages Avni. She reads his message that he loves her. Ali’s phone is stolen and someone else is messaging Avni. Avni feels bad knowing about Ali’s feelings. Neela and Nanno are worried seeing the bad happenings in Neil’s house. The family is supporting Avni, unaware of Aman, Riya and Shweta’s intentions. Shweta doesn’t stop from doing anything. Riya hides something in the puja plate to make the family doubt on Ali completely. Riya and Aman know this plan is to frame Ali and break Avni and Neil’s bond. They don’t know Neil will not lose trust on Ali easily.

Neil handcuffs Avni when she goes to Ali’s cafe. She gets emotional. Neil wipes her tears. He does a cop and husband’s duty. Avni asks him to open the handcuffs. She asks is she still a thief for him, he is still an ACP, not her husband. Neil and Avni have a moment. Neil assures Avni that he will save Ali. Avni insists she will come along. He says you will stay here till I get Ali back. She says I don’t trust you, you always do what you want, you always keep an eye on me. Neil and Avni have an eyelock. Avni keeps shouting, while Neil goes to rescue Ali from kidnappers. Neil doesn’t want to get Avni along as kidnappers are dangerous.


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