Shorvori keeps Teni at bay in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni finds Parth’s behavior turning strange. She asks him the reason. Parth sees Shorvori and walks out. Teni runs after Parth to know why is Parth annoyed with her. She doesn’t want their relation to change. Teni asks him why is he going office without getting a chocolate for her. She says you can fool Shorvori, but not me, answer me what happened. Parth ignores Teni. Shorvori sees the drama. Teni asks Shorvori if she knows the matter. Shorvori doesn’t tell anything to Teni, worrying her more.

Shorvori finds Parth upset. She thinks to keep him busy in something. She asks Parth to play carom with her. Shorvori and Parth play carom. Teni sees them. Shorvori sees Teni around. She doesn’t want Teni to come between. She wants to spend time with Parth. She takes Parth along with her. She doesn’t want Parth to meet Teni.


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