Chandni to end Advay’s dark hatred in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay has saved Chandni from the spiders. He gets bitten by a venomous spider. Advay tries to make Chandni leave. He asks Chandni to leave from his house. Chandni refuses. Advay makes her wear Lac bangles and ignites fire in her bangles. Chandni’s hands burn by the igniting bangles. Chandni calls him a heartless man, who can’t feel anyone’s pain. He wants to trouble Chandni. He finds ways to trouble Chandni. Advay has sworn to get rid of Chandni. Their challenge is going on. Chandni tries to put off the fire.

Chandni is sure to end his hatred by her love. She will be ending his heart’s darkness by the love of her light. He says you lose the game, but not courage, my intentions are not weak. She asks do you think everything goes on as you wish. He says even time runs according to me. She tells him that time can belong to him, but a moment just belongs to her. Their tashan and arguments continue. Chandni gets rid of the fire and saves herself. She proves to Advay that she will not lose. Advay faints by the poison effect. Chandni gets a big shock on seeing Advay unconscious.

Chandni takes Advay to the hospital. She gets a shock knowing Advay is surviving just on one kidney. Doctor tells her about Advay’s state. Advay gets conscious and leaves from the hospital, going against Chandni. She worriedly follows him to assure he safely reaches home.


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