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Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer plays a prank and scares Sanjana. Sanjana knocks the door for help. Sameer and Sanjana have a romantic moment. Sanjana tells Sameer that this was not funny. Piyush hears Sanjana’s call for help. He breaks the door and gets inside. He finds Sameer there. Piyush beats Sameer and gets into a fight for Sanjana’s sake. Sameer wanted to clear the misunderstandings in Sanjana’s mind, but a new misunderstanding gets created. Piyush assumes Sameer was hurting Sanjana. Sanjana defends Sameer and saves him from Piyush. Sameer feels happy with she takes a stand for him. Piyush gets angry as he is possessive about family. He has lost control on seeing Sameer.

Avni’s trust on Ali doesn’t break when everyone was doubting Ali. Ali messages Avni. She reads his message that he loves her. Ali’s phone is stolen and someone else is messaging Avni. Avni feels bad knowing about Ali’s feelings. Neela and Nanno are worried seeing the bad happenings in Neil’s house. The family is supporting Avni, unaware of Aman, Riya and Shweta’s intentions. Shweta doesn’t stop from doing anything. Riya hides something in the puja plate to make the family doubt on Ali completely. Riya and Aman know this plan is to frame Ali and break Avni and Neil’s bond. They don’t know Neil will not lose trust on Ali easily.



Imli gets Vivaan home and takes care of him. Suraj assures Vivaan’s comfort. Suraj leaves his phone in Vivaan’s room by mistake. Suraj’s phone rings. Imli answers the call and hears Chakor’s voice. Chakor tells Suraj that she needs his help, she is alive. Imli gets a huge shock. Suraj comes there to take his phone. Imli disconnects the call and lies to Suraj about some blank call. She gives his phone. She hides her tension. Chakor sends a message to Suraj.


Soumya’s arguments make Harman feel that if he forcefully takes her home, she can hurt herself. Soumya threatened that she will have poison if he takes her home. Soumya sees Harman and Surbhi together and takes her decision.

Harman gives freedom to Soumya. He has left her hand forever. He asks Soumya to go her way, she is free from now on. Surbhi asks Harman to stop Soumya. Harman stops Surbhi. Soumya goes with Saaya. Harman has asked her to go away from his life, only for her happiness. He tells Surbhi that now Soumya can live the way she likes, he can’t cage her.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay has saved Chandni from the spiders. He gets bitten by a venomous spider. Advay tries to make Chandni leave. He asks Chandni to leave from his house. Chandni refuses. Advay makes her wear Lac bangles and ignites fire in her bangles. Chandni’s hands burn by the igniting bangles. Chandni calls him a heartless man, who can’t feel anyone’s pain. He wants to trouble Chandni. He finds ways to trouble Chandni. Advay has sworn to get rid of Chandni. Their challenge is going on. Chandni tries to put off the fire.


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