Adhiraj and Devi get married in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi upsets her uncle with her decision. Kakusa asks Devi not to go ahead to marry Adhiraj and trust them. He tells everyone that Devi has told yes to Adhiraj for marriage. He doesn’t want to let this happen. He asks Devi why did she do this, when Adhiraj keeps threatening her. The family asks Devi to answer why is she putting herself in that hell. They worry as Adhiraj wants to marry Devi within two days. Devi tells her family that she has a big motive behind saying yes to Adhiraj. She tells her plan to them.

Adhiraj doesn’t care for abshaguns and asks Bhabhi to apply haldi to his shoes, showing his least interest in marriage rituals and Devi. Haldi falls over Adhiraj’s face, which angers him. Adhiraj’s mum tortures Devi by making her bath with haldi to suffocate her. Adhiraj decides to take the bridal dress to Devi. He wants to see fear in Devi’s eyes.

Adhiraj and Devi will be getting married. Adhiraj has a motive to make her a slave. He vows to give her a life like hell. Devi tells him that she is his wife and has rights on him. She vows to turn him into a human from a devil. Will Devi succeed? Keep reading.


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