Nikhil files for Riya’s custody in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

The diamonds filled modak get swapped and come along with Raman’s idol. The goons then plan to enter Pooja’s house and get the diamonds. Riya gets to see her mum and dad arguing. Nikhil tells Pooja that he will get Riya by filing a custody case. Riya fails to see his face. She tells Pihu that her dad came home, but her mum didn’t allow her to meet him. She feels sad that she couldn’t meet her dad. Raman, Ishita and others do the Ganehs puja. Pooja gets worried by Nikhil’s calls. Nikhil and Ruhi file for Riya’s custody.

Pooja gets afraid to let her dad know about Nikhil. She plans to take her dad away from home. She makes an excuse to take her dad along. Raman and Ishita do the puja and get ready for Ganesh visarjan. Nikhil comes home to meet Riya. He meets Riya and want to tell her that he is her dad. Raman and Ishita get puzzled on seeing Nikhil’s love for Riya. Nikhil does the aarti along with Riya. He feels much happy to have his daughter along. The goons land there to get the diamonds back. They catch the kids to make a smooth exit. Ishita and others get worried when Pihu and Riya are taken by the goons. Nikhil feels helpless. Raman and Nikhil try to get their daughters back. Raman makes a plan to sort the matter.


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