Ali gets trapped along with Juhi in Naamkarann


Aman changes the phone number in goon’s phone and feeds Ali’s number as boss in it. Aman and Riya succeed to frame Ali. Avni defends Ali as she knows him since childhood. Shweta insults Avni for always taking Ali’s side. Bebe and Shweta get into an argument. Shweta tells Bebe that she will not take this anymore, as Ali is doing things against her family. Nanno is sure that Ali can’t do anything.

Prakash asks them not to blame Ali before knowing anything. Neil asks them not to contact Ali before he personally meets Ali and questions him. He asks Avni not to go against law. Aman informs Dayavanti that their plan worked. Neil tells Nanno that he will not do wrong with Ali, who is his good friend. Neil tells her that he has to do his duty. Neil learns from DD about Ali. DD tells Neil that he has seen Ali with the sweets. Nanno tells Neela that Ali is innocent, he can never harm Avni and Neil.

Avni asks Neil to find out the real culprit and prove Ali’s innocent. Neil goes to meet Ali at his cafe. Avni confronts Riya for framing Ali and coming home with this drama. Avni tells Shweta that Riya maybe taking revenge from Neil and her. Avni clears Ali’s name. Dayavanti meets Ali before Neil. She insults Avni. Ali swears to get her punished. Ali falls in her trap. Dayavanti gets Ali kidnapped. Neil asks his team to find Ali, who has gone missing. He asks Avni to let him do his duty and find truth. Ali gets to see Juhi. He thinks to inform Avni about Juhi. He feels Avni is in danger. Aman makes a new plan to get Avni killed. Dayavanti shocks Ali by showing Avni’s life is in risk. She threatens about Avni’s life and asks Ali to support her. Ali agrees to take the blame. Neil and Avni get against while solving the case.


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