Goenkas observes Maun Vrath in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik gets angry on himself for dancing with Suwarna. She didn’t wish to share the stage with her. While Kartik regrets, Suwarna gets much happy that Kartik danced with her. Suwarna shares her happiness with Manish. She tells him that her son was with her and there can’t be anything better than this. Naira asks Kartik to come out of this emotions and think of Kirti. Kirti worries thinking she has hurt Kartik. Naira tries to keep Kartik and his parents united. Kartik joins everyone in the celebration.

When Naira plans a family dance, police stops them to shut music as peace rally is going to pass the lane. Naira finds Kirti upset. She doesn’t want the party to get spoiled. She comes up with an idea of silent disco. Everyone loves Naira’s idea and shake a leg in the party. The family celebrates well. Naitik misses Akshara. He shares his feelings with Rajshri. Rajshri asks him to move on and think of Naksh and Naira’s happiness. She wants to make Naira’s Teej special. The family decides to support Naira.

Bhabhimaa talks to Dadi and asks her not to have any partiality between Naira and Kirti. She asks Dadi to prepare for Naira and Kirti’s Teej. Dadi gets a call from her Guru ji and tells the family that they have to observe Maun vrath for few hours, then the family will have happiness and peace. The family agrees to Dadi. Dadi informs Singhanias about it. They joke on Goenkas observing Maun vrath. Kartik confesses her to Naira as he is keeping silence for some time. Naira too confesses love to him. They have a sweet moment.



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