Narottam to face Satrupa’s wrath in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Narottam reveals about Pujan’s involvement in Vatsalya’s accident. Satrupa angrily slaps Narottam. Narottam apologizes to Satrupa. He asks her not to forgive Pujan for his sin. Narottam plans to break the family and does the drama. Satrupa wants Anami’s DNA test to happen soon. Anami asks Baldev to sign the papers and allow the DNA test to happen, as the reports will come soon, proving what they both want. Baldev signs the papers on Anami’s saying, as he wants her out of Lal Mahal soon.

Satrupa goes to meet Pujan to know the truth. Satrupa plans the accident in the same way. She traps Avdhoot inside a car and threatens Pujan to save his son by speaking the truth. She asks Pujan is he is behind Vatsalya’s accident. Pujan gets badly trapped.

Adhiraj finds Anami different and thinks of her. His sister teases him that he is in love. Satrupa pressurizes Pujan. Pujan asks her to believe her. She asks him to accept his crime and then she promises to leave Avdhoot. She knows he did this crime for family business.

Pujan tells her that Adhiraj is trying to break the family. Satrupa scares Pujan and Avdhoot. Even then Pujan sticks to his words, that he is innocent, he loved Vatsalya as his son. He asks Satrupa to kill Avdhoot if she wants, but he will not accept a fake blame. Satrupa frees Avdhoot. Avdhoot gets a new life. Pujan hugs his son. He succeeds to prove himself clean. Satrupa apologizes to Avdhoot for his doings. She does his aid and tells him what made her do this. Satrupa befriends Avdhoot. Narottam gets in trouble. Satrupa punishes him for lying to her. She threatens him for using her for his motives. Anami tries to enter Vatsalya’s room and know what is Satrupa hiding from all.


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