Sasural Simar Ka to mark its closure soon


Sameer learns Bharadwaj family was never wrong. He confronts Bhairavi for using him for her revenge motives. Bhairavi feels she will lose if Sameer doesn’t support her. Simar slaps Bhairavi in anger. Bhairavi catches Mata ji at the point of a knife. She asks everyone not to come close, else she will kill Mata ji. Simar calls police to arrest Bhairavi. Bhairavi takes Mata ji and leaves from there.

Bhairavi wants revenge from them for snatching Sameer from her. She didn’t know her plan will fail. Sanjana gets her anger out and slaps Sameer. She confronts Sameer for attacking Simar. Sameer tells her that he had done this to revenge of her dad’s death. Sameer apologizes to them. Simar clears all his misunderstandings. Sameer repents for his mistakes. Sanjana and entire family forgive Sameer. Simar takes the task to find Mata ji and get her back home. She pledges to get Bhairavi punished. The show will soon come to an end. Bharadwaj family will have a happy ending.


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