Anami learns Satrupa’s new avatar in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami enters Vatsalya’s room secretly. She gets to see Satrupa’s motherly soft side. Satrupa recalls Vatsalya and cries. Satrupa keeps everything safe and recalls bits of memories. Anami hides in the room and witnesses Satrupa’s love for Vatsalya. Satrupa spots her and allows Anami to come in Vatsalya’s room. Pujan tells Avdhoot that Satrupa would have killed them if she knew the truth, she was just threatening them, now Satrupa trusts them totally, they will never be suspected again. Pujan takes the incident in a positive way.

Adhiraj is smitten in love by Anami. He visits Lal Mahal and hears Anami boasting of herself in the story which has him as the other character. Ila tells Adhiraj that Anami is acting innocent and playing a game with him. Adhiraj trusts Anami and asks Ila to let Anami play the game till DNA test results come. Ila doubts Satrupa and Anami are together. Anami and Adhiraj have a cute moment, when Anami sees Adhiraj hearing her talks. Anami and Adhiraj turn friendly. Adhiraj tells Anami that he has started the process of request for her DNA test. Anami feels she will soon get free. Anami falls sick by allergy. Dadi sees Anami having same allergy like Vatsalya. She starts believing that Satrupa is saying true, Anami is her grand daughter. Dada asks her not to fall in Satrupa’s trap. Dadi feels Anami has come to fill in Vatsalya’s place. Dada doesn’t agree to this. Pujan finds things got peaceful for him and his family. Dadi tells everyone about Anami’s allergy. Satrupa gets informed about Anami’s sickness.


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