Teni’s intentions get suspected in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni gets scared and comes to take help from Parth and Shorvori. She knocks their room door and asks them to open door fast. Parth worries for Teni. Shorvori stops him from opening the door. Parth cares for Teni, and that’s why Shorvori has a problem. Parth says maybe Teni still has some problem. Shorvori says she has lied before and slept between us, she is doing this intentionally to spend time with you, don’t you understand her. Parth says you may be right, but if Teni is really scared, this can be wrong for our baby.

Shorvori says she wants to come close to you. He says we should see her once, atleast for our baby’s sake, we have to take care of her. Shorvori lets Teni inside the room. Teni sees Parth. She tells them that she was scared and feeling restless, so she came to them. Shorvori tells that she has spoiled their sleep. Shorvori is growing insecure. Shorvori wants to stop Teni’s feelings for Parth.


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