Pooja gets too distant to know reality in Piyaa Albela


Surbhi wants to marry Naren. She meets Rahul in the jail. Rahul asks her to get him bailed out and he will give her divorce. She presents sweets to him and gives the good news that Naren and Pooja got separated. She knows Pooja has gone forever, and Naren started making place for her in his heart. She dreams that Naren accepts her soon. Rahul asks her to see reality, she is still his legal wife. He tells her that he will never sign on divorce papers, if she doesn’t help him, Surbhi threatens him about worse consequences.

She tells Rahul to get saved. Rahul finds her very clever. He tells her that he will fight in court and make sure she doesn’t get divorce. Surbhi and Rahul let down each other’s hope. She tells Rahul that there is no one who can help him. Pooja is not aware of Supriya’s miserable state. She calls Supriya to know about Naren. Pooja stays mistaken. Naren parts ways with his parents too. Naren tells Surbhi to not mention her as Supriya. He limits Supriya in the room. Surbhi gets glad that things are happening as she wants.


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