Shiv’s twin brother makes an entry in Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee


Shiv is marrying Radhika. The family gets celebrating his engagement. Shiv wants Aastha to stop his marriage and admit her love, as he also loves her. Shiv doesn’t want to marry Radhika. Shiv wishes Aastha speaks up. Aastha does aarti of Shiv and Radhika. There is big twist in the show. Shiv’s twin brother comes in front of everyone.

The family gets a shock when Shiv and Radhika were exchanging rings. Someone acting mad comes there and ruins the function. They all learn about Shiv’s brother, who was hidden from everyone for 25 years. He was disowned by everyone. Shiv’s twin will be seen as an aggressive, uncultured and illiterate person. He was kept locked in a room since young age. He is habitual to darkness and hates light. Aastha sympathizes with him.


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