Samar to realize his love for Jhanvi in Woh Apna Sa


Samar meets Jhanvi in a cafe. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. He has blamed her when she was innocent. Jhanvi is sent to cafe by Nisha. Nisha lied to her to take the file to Samar. Samar tells her that he has written an apology letter for her. She gets angry on Samar. Samar knows her anger is justified. He feels he has crossed the limit and misjudged her. He has fallen in his eyes also. Jhanvi asks him why did he not think this before. Samar tells her that he will stay away from her. Jhanvi’s family gets worried on knowing the incident. Her mum suggests her to confide everything with Aditya, as husband and wife’s relation is based on trust.

Jhanvi is afraid that Aditya will not tolerate Samar after knowing his words. She doesn’t want to trouble Aditya. Jhanvi tries maintaining peace at home. Aditya hears Jhanvi and turns upset. Aditya gets hurt to raise a finger on their love by not trusting her. Samar falls in love with Jhanvi. Samar shares her feelings with Nisha. She gets glad that Jhanvi will be out of Aditya’s life. She promises Samar of helping him to win Jhanvi’s heart.


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