Ali’s death news comes as a shocker in Naamkarann


Avni goes to find Ali in the middle of the night. She reaches an lonely place. Avni worriedly drives the car. Neil and DD are on the way, finding Ali as well. Avni hits a man who comes in front of her car. Avni does someone’s accident. The man rolls down and falls away. Avni goes to see the man. Avni hits Ali accidentally. She gets scared on seeing Ali. Avni messages Neil. Neil doesn’t get her message. Neil misunderstands Avni.

Avni cries for Ali. Avni and Neil do the Ganesh aarti and prepare for Ganesh Visarjan. The family gets a news that Ali is dead. Avni misses Ali a lot. She recalls their childhood day when Ali and Avni made promise to do Ganesh Visarjan together. Ali wanted to celebrate Ganpati festival twice a year to eat sweets. Everyone is sad. Bebe tells them that they got the idol home with happiness and while we are sending Ganpati, we have tears in eyes. Avni tells Bebe that they have to do Visarjan for Ali’s sake, else he will be upset by seeing us. She wishes Ali comes to them and becomes part of the Ganesh visarjan. Avni makers herself strong to finish the rituals. Neil will find out Ali’s murderer. Neil will try to find Raghu pandit.


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