Nisha conspires to rule out Jhanvi in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha succeeds to take the sindoor from Jhanvi. She thinks she has taught a lesson to Jhanvi. Nisha falls down and drops her sindoor. She gets angry that she lost her sindoor. Kakima tells Nisha that the sindoor has Jhanvi’s name. She tells Nisha tha she will get sindoor for her next time. They make prayers. Jhanvi prays for Aditya, that he always stays fine and doesn’t face any problem. Nisha determines to trap Jhanvi such that Jhanvi herself back outs and gives Aditya back to her. Aditya spends time with his daughters. They miss his company.

Aditya tells them that he will very soon stay with them like before. The kids ask him not to leave. Adi feels annoyed with her. He refuses to have sweets got by Jhanvi. Nisha helps Samar plan a surprise for Jhanvi. She promises Samar that he will help him get his love. Jhanvi is called out in lawn. She assumes Aditya’s anger is gone and he has done the lovely decorations for her. Samar surprises her and apologizes for his mistake to doubt on her. Jhanvi turns upset on seeing Samar, and senses which direction Samar is heading.


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