Anami makes a place in Lal Mahal in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami has the same allergies like Vatsalya. Dadi checks Anami’s similarity with Vatsalya, believing Satrupa is saying true about Anami. Dadi wants to make sure by following her heart, than any DNA report, which can be easily manipulated. Satrupa and Dadi run to care for Anami, and observe her behavior in that sick state. Anami imagines her foster mother and talks, while Satrupa assumes Anami to bond with her.

Satrupa gets medicines for Anami. Anami refuses to take it. She heals herself by home remedies. Anami gets fine. Dadi feels happy as she gets to know what she wanted to. Anami understands that Dadi has intentionally fed up groundnuts. Anami’s sweet arguments give peace to Dadi. Baldev tells Dadi that Satrupa is planning all this to prove Anami is their daughter. He doesn’t believe Satrupa. He scolds her for using Vatsalya’s illnesses too. Pujan tries to make things worse for Dada ji. He makes the shares of company down. He reveals his plan to Avdhoot. He wants Dada ji to accept Avdhoot as the heir soon. He creates the problem to give the solution in board meeting.

The news about royal steels share prices fall starts circulating. Dada ji is strong enough to give any test and face the bad time. Dada ji and Satrupa attend the board meeting. Satrupa asks investors to have belief in the company. She defends Anami. Dada ji suffers a heart attack in middle of the meeting. Narottam meets his mother Sudha and informs her about Dada ji’s heart attack. Sudha asks him to focus on Anami and influence her. Narottam succeeds to befriend Anami.


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