Prem and Tejaswini tie the knot in Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi


Tejaswini gets tied up and tries to take help. She gets spotted by Purvi and seeks help. Preeti got Tejaswini kidnapped to save Prem’s life. Tejaswini reaches the mandap on time. She gets to see someone else sitting as bride in her place. Tejaswini exposes Preeti for taking her place. Prem asks Preeti why did she kidnap Tejaswini. Preeti’s truth comes out. Tejaswini tells everyone that she was kidnapped by goons, but Purvi saved her.

After much chaos, Prem and Tejaswini get married. In a very romantic sequence, Prem doesn’t let Tejaswini leave and lifts her to take the wedding rounds. Their love reaches a destination. Flowers shower on them. The beautiful moment makes Tejaswini fall for him. Prem and Tejaswini’s love and romance in mandap is seen in Prem’s dream sequence. Tejaswini has revenge motives in mind. She hugs her mum and cries in her bidaai. Tejaswini’s heart gets depressed. Tejaswini’s mum’s dreams couldn’t fulfill because of circumstances. Tejaswini wants to ruin Prem’s family. The love-revenge twist will get high post their marriage.



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