Surprises, celebrations and homecomings in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's Majnu Awara act turns surprising

Shivay and Anika celebrate the family with family. They have a sweet moment. Everyone gets happy for Anika, except Pinky. Shivay makes sure that Pinky stays much distant from Anika. Bhavya gets emotional seeing the perfect Oberois. The wrestler aims revenge and tries to burn Omkara and Gauri alive in the hospital. Rudra senses Bhavya is depressed and surprises her by showering flowers on her. He makes Bhavya happy. Rudra can’t see her upset.

Shivay makes a plan to win the challenge by making Anika admit her love. He acts like dying and taking last few breaths. He asks Anika to admit her love so that there is no regretting later. Anika understands he is lying and fooling her to get to hear her love confession. She realizes everyone is supporting Shivay. Omkara and Gauri come out of the hospital. Gauri returns in the burning hospital to get the Lord idol, leaving Omkara outside. Everyone gets a huge shock when they see Tej and Shwetlana as Peter and Kaveri. Jhanvi tells everyone that she will explain them the situation. Gauri manages to get the idol safely. Omkara helps her when she needs him. They have a moment. They leave for home.

Omkara tells her that she is more important than the idol. She tells him that she couldn’t put his family respect in risk. Omkara accepts her as part of his life. Jhanvi wants Tej to be with them, so that he stays safe. She asks everyone not to do anything to Shwetlana, else Tej can fall in big problem. Everyone thinks of some options to save Tej. Jhanvi tells them how Shwetlana is blackmailing Tej.

Bhavya promises to help them in dealing with Shwetlana. They all decide to find Shwetlana’s motives. They worry for Omkara’s reaction on seeing Shwetlana. Shivay doesn’t want Omkara to face any trauma again. Tej stays in Peter’s character, as he is helpless. Rudra and Bhavya get together in solving the new case of finding Shwetlana’s motives. Bhavya makes a plan to check Shwetlana’s room. Shivay tells Anika that he will make her confess love soon. She makes a new plan. Shwetlana threatens Tej and secures herself. Tej keeps an eye on her to get the evidences back.


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