Teej celebrations to bring twists in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's partial memory loss begins to inflict

Naira gets bitten by the snake and breaks her Maun vrath to get help. She faints in Kartik’s lap. Everyone breaks their silence because of the snake. Kartik doesn’t see any bite mark. Dadi gets remedy for Naira. Kartik senses Naira is doing drama to make things better. He asks her why is she falling so low to prove herself right. They couple end up arguing in front of everyone. Kartik doesn’t believe Naira. Everyone learns that Kartik heard about Soumya. Singhanias spend time deciding things for Naira’s Teej. They are very sure that Naira and Kartik’s love is strong.

Manish reprimands Naira for not thinking for their family once, before spoiling things. Kartik leaves from home in a fit of rage. Suwarna sees the snake leaving out of the house. She tells Naira that she doesn’t need any proof to believe her, but others won’t understand. Naksh and Yash visit the Goenkas. Kartik thinks of his mum’s sorrows. Manish tells Kirti that he has hidden everything from his children to safeguard them from big sorrow. He tells them how Suwarna gave him courage always. Dadi knows Kartik will not listen to anyone when its about Soumya. Naira tries explaining her point to family. Naksh hides her sorrow from Naksh and Yash. She lies about Maun vrath still on at home, and sends them off soon. Naira reaches Singhanias for Teej. Kartik meets her to clear the matter about Soumya.



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