Chakor to fight against Dowry practice in Udaan


Bhaiya ji had tried to kill Chakor, but she has got saved. She tries reaching Suraj, but Imli is stopping her always. Imli has become a barrier for her. Chakor thanks the family who took care of her and tries leaving for Aazaadgunj. She gets hurt and falls weak. Radheshyam helps her again. He asks her not to hurry in going to family, he will take her to Aazaadgunj when she recovers completely. Chakor feels helpless and cries when she fails to reach her family. She gets support by Radheshyam. He will make her capable to return to Aazaadgunj and fight for justice. Chakor gains strength to fight.

Chakor learns about Divya’s marriage stopping because of dowry. She asks Radheshyam not to pay any dowry, else he will be encouraging such sich minded people. She asks them to take a stand about such dowry practice. Divya tells Chakor that she loves Sanjay, but she will not marry him if her parents have to beg to Sanjay’s parents. Chakor promises Divya that she will get her married to her love. Chakor tries seeking help from police, but fails. She decides to solve the mess alone. Chakor tries to unite Divya and her lover Sanjay.

She wants Sanjay to marry Divya without accepting any dowry. She meets Sanjay and asks her to decide if he wants to marry Divya or not. Sanjay tells her that he loves Divya and will just marry her. Sanjay’s parents tell her that Sanjay will marry where they say, they will not accept Sanjay. Sanjay rebels. His dad slaps him and asks him not to step out of his house. Sanjay leaves with Chakor. She asks Sanjay to decide for his happiness, love and future. Sanjay’s dad sends goons after them. Suraj senses Chakor is in trouble and dreams something bad. He gets restless and leaves. Bhaiya ji asks his men to stop Suraj from reaching Chakor. Chakor wants to stop dowry practice.


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