Meghna raises voice for Kunal’s Swabhimaan


Meghna and Naina hug Sharda, and wish her birthday. Meghna tells Sharda that Mami has a problem to give proper food to Kunal. She asks Sharda how much will she bear insult, why everyone is valuing Kunal as per his financial status, its all little things that is humiliating Kunal. She asks will thy serve food to Kunal by seeing his status. She fights for Kunal’s self esteem. She tells Sharda that she has come with Kunal to celebrate Sharda’s birthday, but she will not bear the taunts. She says I can’t tolerate more, I m not blind, I m seeing everything how badly they are treating Kunal as junk, much comparisons are happening between Kunal and Karan.

She can’t see Kunal losing respect this way. She warns her Mami to not use Kunal’s goodness any more, Kunal is silent just because he respects elders, it doesn’t mean he should get bad behavior in return. Kunal tells Meghna that he has lost a family, and doesn’t want to lose another family. He asks Meghna not to fight and calms her down. Kunal maturely handles the situation. Meghna asks Kunal to come with her. She wants to leave. Naina and Karan request Meghna to stay back. Meghna will earn Kunal’s respect back.


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