Gurumaa to settle scores with Dayavanti in Naamkarann


Avni finds it hard to celebrate Ganesh festival in Ali’s absence. She tells Neela about Ali and her childhood moment. Ali is her best friend, who always supported her. Avni tells Neela that she has broken her promise to Ali. Avni has her memories. Neil swears to get justice for Ali. He will solve the matter, along with Avni’s help. They will be catching the culprit.

Gurumaa has kidnapped Aman and threatened Dayavanti to come to Rang Mahal to save Aman. Aman asks Dayavanti to please save him. Gurumaa punishes Dayavanti for her big mistake. She asks Dayavanti by whose permission did she do all this. She breaks Dayavanti’s pride and makes her fall in her feet. Dayavanti apologizes to Gurumaa by touching her feet. She was showing attitude to Gurumaa.

Dayavanti has taken Meher with her, and committed big mistake. Gurumaa can’t tolerate that someone takes Meher from her, who is a diamond for her Rang Mahal. Gurumaa was favoring Dayavanti when she was helpless, and now she takes revenge from her. Dayavanti kidnaps Ali and spreads the fake news of his death. Dayavanti informs Avni that Ali is in Rang mahal and wants Avni to come there, so that she can get Avni trapped. Neil is trying to find if Ali is really dead. He asks the doctor to do post mortem. Doctor tells Neil that body identification is tough, but we need any DNA sample to confirm. Everyone in family is sad that Ali has left them. Neil learns Raghu pandit is behind Ali’s kidnapping. Neil and Avni will expose Dayavanti’s new crime.


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