Anami discovers Vatsalya’s truth in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


The family gets some peace when doctor informs that Dada ji is out of danger now. Anami wants to get away from the family soon. Adhiraj tells her about the DNA test, which is the key to her freedom. He asks her to convince Baldev for signing the papers, only then the DNA test will be possibe. He tells her that she will soon be back to her foster parents in Banaras. Anami convinces Baldev for signing the papers, by telling him that this is the only way he can get rid of her. Baldev signs the papers and throws down showing his dislike for her. Anami makes a plan to change the blood sample in the hospital. She takes Poonam’s help and asks tries to exchange her blood sample with Poonam’s sample.

Avdhoot and Pujan try to make Adhiraj busy by using his sister Tania. Anami succeeds to change the blood sample, unaware that Pujan also wants the same. She collides with Pujan. By mistake, the samples gets swapped again. Anami’s blood sample goes for the DNA test. Poonam tries to cover up about Anami and lies to Satrupa. Anami gets hopeful that she will be going home soon and meeting Murari and Madhu. She gives a farewell treat to Adhiraj. The DNA test results come, and shock everyone with the positive reports.

Anami gets heart broken that her freedom got cancelled. Anami decides to escape from Lal Mahal. She calls up Murari and asks him to pick her from Banaras station. Anami meets Satrupa before going, and gets Vatsalya’s room keys. She thinks there is some work unfinished, which she has to complete before leaving.

Anami decides to run away from the house. She goes to Vatsalya’s room and gets to see his photos. She identifies meeting Vatsalya in Banaras. She gets a huge shock and falls in dilemma to leave from Lal Mahal or not. Anami learns the truth. Anami cries knowing Vatsalya was her brother, whom she lost so soon. She decides to stay back in Lal Mahal for the sake of her friendship with Vatsalya.


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