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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna hides the keys from Manish. Manish gets a doubt on her, but she doesn’t tell him anything. Naira has eyes on the door and misses Kartik. She dances with the family and celebrates Teej. She finds Naitik crying and hugs him. Suwarna prays that Kartik returns home soon and breaks Naira’s fast. Naitik gets a stunning call about Kartik’s accident. Naitik couldn’t bear this news. Naitik reveals to everyone about Kartik’s accident. Naira hears this news and loses consciousness. Naitik and Naksh meet the Goenkas at the hospital. They learn from inspector that Kartik has slipped in coma. Manish sees the thief in Kartik’s place and tells inspector that the guy admitted is not Kartik.

    Meri Durga:

    Shilpa provokes Dadi and Sarpanch to oppose Durga from participating in the race with Stella. They all come to meet Gayatri and make a request for stopping Durga. Gayatri’s guards don’t allow them and insult them. Gayatri lets them inside. Dadi tells Gayatri about Durga’s mistake to accept Stella’s challenge. Dadi apologizes to her and asks her to cancel the race. Shilpa asks Gayatri not to allow the race to happen. Brij informs Durga and Yashpal about Dadi going to meet Sarpanch and cancel the race. They get a shock knowing this. Gayatri tells Dadi that Durga has challenged her and raised a question on her prestige, Stella and Durga will race, and then Durga will lose. Dadi regrets to meet Gayatri and taunts her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shravan opposes Bala and Kiran’s marriage. He gets into an argument with Bala. Shravan decides to leave the house. Bala and Kiran try to stop him. Kiran doesn’t want Bala’s house to break. She tells Shravan that she wanted to become part of their family, she never wished to come between their family. She tells Bala that she will not marry him against Shravan’s wish. She asks Shravan to stay back.


    Shivay announces a love Antakshari game for those who find hard to confess love verbally. He wants Anika to sing a song and express love. Rudra understands that Shivay is keeping the game to hear Anika’s love confession. He asks Anika to better confess love. Shivay explains the game to everyone. He hopes Anika confesses love. Bhavya tries spy on Shwetlana. Tej also attempts to find Shwetlana’s secret. Shivay sings out his love for Anika. He asks Anika to sing a love song for him.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Adi gets stubborn and wants Chandni back in the house. He refuses to have food. He asks Advay to get Chandni if he wants to see him fine. Chandni makes love vows to Dev by filling sindoor in her hairline. She swears to make him realize her truth. She pledges to make Advay her Dev again. She determines to win Advay’s heart. Chandni makes a stunning entry. Adi gets happy seeing her. Chandni challenges Advay that she will make him accept her. She tells Advay that she has right on the house, as she is his wife. Nani supports Advay.


    Dayavanti traps Juhi, and asks her to get Avni to Rang mahal if she wants her freedom. She promises to get her freed from Gurumaa if she does as she says. She asks Juhi to support her if she wants her freedom. Juhi gets in dilemma. Ali tries to get free of Dayavanti’s clutches. DD reaches Avni to keep a watch on her. Avni asks DD to free her. DD doesn’t go against Neil. Avni messages her friends to come and free her. DD cooks food for Avni. Avni tries to fool him. Avni sends DD to get Ali’s diary. DD informs Neil that Avni is fine. Juhi has memories of Neil fresh in her mind and thinks of getting back into her old life. She knows her dreams can never be fulfilled now. She takes food for Ali.


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