Meghna and Naina’s new task in Swabhimaan


Meghna is happy to know about Khyati and Vishal’s love. She congratulates Vishal for his relation. Meghna plays with kids and spends time in Sharda’s house. Meghna tells Vishal that she is very happy that he has chosen his life partner. Vishal tells her that he loves Khyati a lot. Meghna promises her that she will get him married to Khyati. Vishal is worried as Chauhan family may not accept him easily. Khyati is also afraid that her family will oppose her relation.

Meghna meets Naina. Meghna asks her if any guy’s family is coming to see Khyati. She is doing a bahu’s duty and worrying for everyone. She asks Naina to help Khyati. She learnt that Khyati is much upset. She tells Naina that Vishal and Khyati love each other. Meghna and Naina have an argument. Meghna explains bahu’s duty to Naina. She doesn’t want Khyati to marry someone else. Naina agrees to help Khyati. Naina says Khyati will marry where she has her happiness. Meghna asks her to promise she will stand against Nandkishore if needed. Naina promises Meghna and is sure she will manage too find some way in convincing Nandkishore into accepting Vishal.



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