Shivika’s Love Antakshari and confessions lined in Ishqbaaz


Shivay announces a love Antakshari game for those who find hard to confess love verbally. He wants Anika to sing a song and express love. Rudra understands that Shivay is keeping the game to hear Anika’s love confession. He asks Anika to better confess love. Shivay explains the game to everyone. He hopes Anika confesses love. Bhavya tries spy on Shwetlana. Tej also attempts to find Shwetlana’s secret. Shivay sings out his love for Anika. He asks Anika to sing a love song for him.

Anika sings and doesn’t express love. Shivay gets eager to hear about love. He tells everyone that he has arranged the game just to hear Anika’s love confession. Shivay fears he will lose the challenge. He feels lost as Anika didn’t confess love. Anika can’t make Shivay lose in any challenge. Anika sweetly professes her love, stunning Shivay. Shivay shows attitude to her. She finds his reaction strange and asks him to atleast react happy. He thanks her in reply, finding it hard to reciprocate her feelings. Anika finds hard to believe how Shivay is avoiding her after listening to her love confession. Shivay clubs courage to confess love to Anika.

Omkara cares for Gauri, when she falls unconscious. He takes her to the lake and feeds her water. Gauri and Omkara have a lovely moment. They get surrounded by the goons. Omkara and Gauri run away and hide, hoping they can get saved. Rudra helps Bhavya in finding Shwetlana’s secret. Bhavya gets the keys and tells Rudra that they will soon know Shwetlana’s motives. Shwetlana decides to find out what Tej is planning against her.


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