Avni learns Meher’s true identity in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni get a huge shock knowing about the brutal attack on Ali. Neil sends Avni to the hospital. Avni doesn’t go and cries for Ali. Juhi gets scared after witnessing Dayavanti injuring Ali. Dayavanti asks Juhi to get Avni in her place. Neil and Avni deal with the shock that they have lost Ali forever. Avni tells Neil that she has going to find Ali, and he suddenly came in front of her car. Neil pacifies Avni. Neil gets Ali’s post mortem done. Neil checks Ali’s belongings. Doctor tells Neil that Ali’s body can’t be identified, so they want a DNA sample to confirm its Ali. Neil doesn’t want to spare Ali’s murderers.

The family gets the news of Ali’s death and sheds tears. They do Ganesh Visarjan while remembering Ali in their memories. Juhi meets Ali and tells him that she has succeeded to win Dayavanti’s trust. She promises Ali that she will alert Avni beforehand and tell her Dayavanti’s plan. She asks Ali to wait till she gets help from Avni’s husband. Juhi fools Dayavanti and shares her plan. Neil realizes his feelings for Avni, thinking he has lost her forever. He decides to share his feelings with Avni, before it gets late. Neil doesn’t want to lose time. He gets a ring for Avni, thinking to confess his love. Shweta tells Avni about Neil’s love for Juhi. She shares Neil and Juhi’s picture. Avni identifies Juhi as Meher. Avni goes to meet Juhi at the Dargah. Neil learns Juhi is alive.



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