Manish and Kartik to sort issues in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira’s state gets bad when she hears about Kartik’s missing news. Naitik consoles Naira. The family supports Naira. Everyone is sorrowful hearing the sad news. Naira finds Kartik in the car. The families gets news that Kartik is fine. Naira and everyone get Kartik home. Kartik and Naira do the Teej puja and fulfill all rituals together. Kartik stays annoyed with her. Naira sits crying in the temple. Naitik sees Naira. Naitik tells Naira that such things happened many times in Akshara and his life, but they have always had courage and balanced their lives. He tells her that Akshara and he have faced such circumstances and got their love tested. He gives courage to Naira. He shares his experiences and shows her a right direction in life. He supports Naira. Naira was fearing for Kartik’s reaction. Naitik asks Naira to become strong like Akshara and have belief in Lord.

Suwarna asks Manish to talk to Kartik and not delay more in sorting the issues. Kartik turns bitter towards everyone. Manish fears he will lose Kartik forever. He gains courage. He talks to Kartik and tells him the reason why he has not shared Soumya’s illness truth with his children. Kartik melts his heart for Manish on knowing the reasons for Soumya’s suicide. They both try to sort their differences. Kartik accepts Manish. Will Kartik accept Suwarna as well? Keep reading.



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