Durga wins the race by crossing obstacles in Meri Durga


Everyone gives their best wishes to Durga. Dadi makes a plan to stop Stella from participating in the race, but her plan fails. Gayatri comes to witness the race. Sanjay wants Durga to win the race. He is sure Durga will win. He plans to make Durga meet his mum. Rajveer cheers for Durga. He ends his annoyance and blesses her for victory. He asks her just to get victorious. Durga tells Sanjay that she wants to meet his mum. Sanjay asks her to forget everything and have focus on the race.

Dadi tries to damage Stella’s shoes. She doesn’t see she has damaged Durga’s shoes by mistake. Dadi makes a big mistake. Everyone worries for the village respect. Dadi fears that Durga will lose the race because of her. She prays. Durga doesn’t see her shoes. Durga goes for the race and keeps her focus on the finishing line. Durga falls because of her shoes. Stella runs ahead, while Durga sits with her aching legs. Gayatri gets happy that Durga will face defeat and humiliation again. Durga gains strength by her soil. She wins the race, surprising even Stella. Everyone celebrates Durga’s victory. Stella faces humiliation after losing to Durga. Gayatri sets her plan to kill Durga and Rajveer.


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