Blast twist: Durga to lose Rajveer in Meri Durga


Gayatri humiliates Durga’s family when they reach her with a request to stop the race. After facing much insult, Dadi asks Durga to run in the race and teach a lesson to Gayatri, by ruining her ego. Gayatri knows Sanjay loves Durga. She plans to make Durga away from him, by killing Durga by a bomb blast at the race track. Gayatri turns up as the chief guest of the race and gives her best wishes to Stella for victory. Durga seeks blessings from her coach Rajveer. She determines to win as she has no other option. Sanjay wants Durga to meet Gayatri. Stella taunts Durga and asks her to get ready to lose.

Durga and Stella begin to run in the race. Durga fall down during the race. She recalls the things put at stake by the race, and regains her strength to run ahead of the finishing line. She runs for the country’s respect. Durga wins the race and makes Stella lose. Everyone gets glad seeing her victory and celebrate. Durga makes her family proud. Gayatri angrily calls up her man. A blast occurs near the race track. Gayatri targets to kill Durga and Rajveer. Everyone thinks Rajveer has died in the blast. Sanjay manages to save Durga and suffers injuries. Gayatri gets worried for Sanjay’s state. She gets more revengeful against Durga.


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