Nisha scripts a fake illness in Woh Apna Sa


Samar meets Aditya at his office. Samar apologizes for misunderstanding Jhanvi. Aditya is angry on him for not respecting Jhanvi. Samar finds Aditya upset. Aditya makes work excuse. He asks Samar if he is still staying with them. Samar tells his decision to stay with the family. Aditya asks him not to repeat mistakes. He asks him to be careful as he is staying with family and anyone can feel bad of his doings. Samar guesses Nisha has told him everything.

He tells Aditya that he was wrong about Jhanvi, and now he will treat her as she deserves. He tells Aditya that Jhanvi is special for him, and he will treat her as a special girl in his life. He reveals he has feelings for Jhanvi, which makes Aditya worry. Nisha lies to Jhanvi that she has blood cancer and she is hiding this truth from Aditya. Jhanvi doesn’t believe this shocking thing. She asks Nisha not to think of ending her life. She gives hope to Nisha that they will find a solution for her illness. Nisha makes Jhanvi swear that she won’t tell anyone about her reports and illness. Jhanvi agrees. Will Jhanvi fall in Nisha’s new lie trap? Keep reading.


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