Suraj gets hopeful to meet Chakor in Udaan


Suraj learns that Chakor is in Banaras. Imli plans to stop Suraj and Chakor from meeting. Suraj shares the good news with Tejaswini, that Chakor is in Banaras, he has finally found her, and he will surely get her back home. He is very happy and got peace. Tejaswini is happy seeing Suraj cheerful. Imli doesn’t want Suraj to meet Chakor. Kasturi says let Suraj go and meet Chakor once, let them talk and sort differences, then we will see what to do. Imli says Chakor doesn’t deserve Suraj, he shouldn’t go there. Suraj doesn’t want to hear anything against Chakor. He shouts on Imli. He asks her why is she being negative, why will Chakor not come, its their personal matter and he will handle it. He asks Imli not to interfere between them.

Imli is trying a lot to stop Suraj and Chakor from uniting. She calls Chakor and tells her that Bhaiya ji and Suraj tried to kill her, they both want her dead. She asks Chakor not to come back to haveli, else she will risk her life. She asks her not to believe Suraj. She influences Chakor in a negative way. She tries limiting Chakor from meeting Suraj, knowing truth will come out. Imli asks Chakor to believe her, as she is her sister and true to her. Chakor has belief in love and Suraj. Chakor imagines Suraj around her. Suraj and Chakor’s dreamy romance will be seen. She sees Suraj everywhere. Imli lies to Chakor that Suraj has arranged that surprise to kill her. Chakor can’t believe that Suraj has stabbed her, he was the masked person. She imagines Suraj killing her. She screams. Divya asks Chakor what happened to her. Chakor falls in the illusion created by Imli. She gets upset thinking of him. What will Chakor do now? Keep reading.


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