Chandni’s love reaches out to Advay in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni goes for her next plan to put her life in risk and make Advay accept that he cares for her. She emotionally blackmails him. Advay finds her mad to keep trying so much even when she knows he won’t melt his heart. Chandni stands out in the rains and waits for Advay to come. Advay doesn’t care for her. He gets worried seeing her hurt. Advay then goes to save her from getting hurt further. Advay asks her to come along. Advay gets her home. The family gets to see Advay’s concern for Chandni and gets happy.

Advay cares for Chandni’s injured feet. He heals her wounds. She does the aid and puts her to sleep. Chandni gets verbal about her feelings for Advay. He feels her emotions are true. Advay stays by her side. He worries when Nani comes to the room to wake up Chandni. Advay doesn’t want Nani to know that he is also with Chandni. Nani knows Advay is with Chandni, despite his attempts to hide. Nani gets a chance to pull Advay’s leg. The family sides with Chandni and celebrate happiness. Nani wants to celebrate Advay and Chandni’s post marriage ritual. Advay doesn’t get happy.


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