Imli ploys suspicion to separate SuKor in Udaan


Girja gets to see Chakor in Banaras and informs Suraj about her. Suraj learns Chakor is in Banaras and is very happy. He tells Tejaswinii that he is going to get Chakor home. Suraj is mad in love and says fate got me here even when Chakor got away, I will convince her to come back. Suraj reaches Banaras along with Imli. Imli is in tension and doesn’t want them to meet. Suraj and Imli are going to meet Chakor. Imli worries seeing Suraj positive.

Imli makes excuse and goes to call Chakor. She tells Chakor that Suraj is finding her to kill her, he has never loved her. She asks Chakor to trust her and go very far from Suraj. She says run away from Banaras, I will try to stop Suraj from reaching you, I love you a lot and don’t want to lose you. She provokes Chakor. Chakor falls in Imli’s trap. Imli has motive to separate them. She is mistaken that Chakor has revealed her miscarriage truth to Vivaan. She brainwashes Chakor to make her against Suraj. She tries breaking Chakor’s trust on Suraj, and also fills Suraj’s ears against Chakor. Inspector Ranvijay saves Chakor’s life from the goons. Chakor cries thinking of Suraj. Chakor walks lost on the road and doesn’t see the bus. He saves her from getting hit from the bus. He takes her along to a dhaba. Girja tries to talk to Chakor there, but Chakor leaves with him. Girja fails to tell Chakor about Suraj. Ranvijay takes care of Chakor. Imli gets angry when Suraj talks of Chakor. Imli wants to ruin their happiness. Will Suraj and Chakor be able to meet? Keep reading.


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