Kareena creates hurdles for Preeta in Kundali Bhagya


Rakhi likes the decorations done by Sarla and everyone. Kareena doesn’t like everything and blames Preeta and Shrishti for cheating them. Kareena finds the girls very smart to show other decorations before. The girls fall for Karan in the party. Karan enjoys the fan attention. He hears their craze and gets happy. He flirts with the girls. Preeta gets angry seeing Karan back to his self. She asks Karan to stop doing cheap things in his brother’s engagement. She asks him to atleast see the time and place before beginning flirt anywhere.

Karan finds her jealous. She pities the girls who like her. Karan tells her that he knows she likes him, and he likes her jealousy a lot. He knows she will always be there to trouble him. Kareena removes the fuse and cuts the electricity. Sarla falls in trouble. Preeta worries that Rishabh will feel let down if they don’t get the electricity back, all the guests will be upset and Rishabh’s special day will be spoiled. She doesn’t want to upset Rishabh and break his trust. Preeta and Shrishti find someone stealing the fuse. They worry to solve the mess. Sherlyn worries that everyone can know it was Kareena’s plan to outdo Preeta.


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