Jhanvi to support Nisha in Woh Apna Sa


Jhanvi thinks of Nisha’s suicide attempt. She thinks Nisha is not acting this time. She falls in Nisha’s trap and believes her lies. Jhanvi realizes the promises she made to Nisha. She falls in trouble. Samar helps her on finding her hurt. Samar apologizes to her. She doesn’t forgive him for misunderstanding her. She tells him that she doesn’t respect a person who can’t judge anyone well. Samar doesn’t feel bad of her words.

Aditya plans a surprise for Jhanvi. He anxiously waits for Jhanvi and thinks of making the time very special for her. He gets a shock on seeing Nisha in Jhanvi’s place. Nisha gets Aditya’s surprise. Aditya turns much upset with Jhanvi for sending Nisha. Jhanvi asks him to treat Nisha well and think of her wishes. Aditya wonders why is Jhanvi doing all this. He discards all her suggestions and wants to know why Jhanvi wants him to spend time with Nisha. She doesn’t tell Aditya about Nisha’s illness. Nisha creates misunderstandings between them. Nisha asks Aditya to fill sindoor in her maang, so that they never get separated. She makes a wish asking Aditya to turn their relation stronger. She tells the importance of the sindoor which Kakima got for them. Aditya doesn’t fill sindoor in Nisha’s maang, as she is not deserving of that. Nisha’s doings have made her out of everyone’s heart. Kakima helps Aditya and saves him from Nisha’s plan. She makes excuses of an inauspicious mahurat. Will Nisha succeed? Keep reading.


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