Uma’s repentance hurts Kanak in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma has taken Kanak for the movie. He has seen the movie along with her, and feels he has done a sin. He punishes himself for the sin he committed. Kanak feels worried for him. Maasi stops Kanak and asks her to let Uma repent for doing Adharm. She asks Kanak not to come between Uma and his Dharm. Maasi learns about Kanak’s mistake to take Uma’s promise for her wrong wish. She says Uma is great to fulfill his promise and keep his wife happy, and now he is punishing himself. Kanak wants to apologize to Uma. Maasi tells Kanak that she won’t understand Uma’s pain. Uma stands on one foot and prays.

Maasi keeps Kanak away. She says you don’t know Uma more than me, he will not break his Aradhna, whatever he does, he thinks well, he doesn’t joke. She asks Kanak to stop interfering now. She scolds Kanak for being so stubborn and hurting Uma. Kanak realizes her mistake and apologize to Uma. She tells Uma that her Lord knows she has never done anything that would hurt him, she wants to bring changes in the house for a better living. She says I was wrong to think you are changing, if I knew you will punish yourself, I would have not taken you for movie, none can move you from your Dharm. Kanak repents for her mistake.


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