Anami discovers blood ties with Vatsalya in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami is declared as Baldev’s rightful daughter. Dadi and Satrupa welcome her home. Dada ji finds it hard to accept this truth. Satrupa makes it clear that she didn’t do anything wrong to get Anami back, who is the legal heir of royal steels. Dada ji doesn’t see his heir in Anami. Satrupa asks him to accept the truth. Anami’s dreams of going back home shatter. She gets caged in Lal mahal. She breaks down thinking of her promise to her parents in Banaras. Anami finds hard to adjust in Lal Mahal. She makes a plan to run away from Lal Mahal. She calls up Murari and tells him her plan to escape. Murari is ready to do anything for his daughter.

Anami asks him to get her back home. Murari worries on hearing her cry. Anami asks Murari to find a new home, where they all can live happily without getting tracked by Satrupa. Murari agrees to leave the world for her. Anami asks them to get ready, she is coming back. Satrupa asks Anami to accept the truth as Lal Mahal members are doing. She doesn’t want Anami to rebel more. Anami counters her. Anami makes her plan to leave from Lal Mahal. She shares some good moments with Dadi. Dadi sees Vatsalya in Anami. Anami feels attached to Dadi. Anami gets Vatsalya’s room keys from Satrupa. She gets to see her brother Vatsalya and gets a huge shock recalling their first and last meet at the Ganga ghat. The very moment turns shattering for her.


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