Manish and Kartik break the ice in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Kartik gets keen to know the reason for Soumya’s suicide. He asks Manish why did she take the medicines, was she really mentally sick. Manish refuses to tell them anything. Kirti too wishes to know the truth. Manish doesn’t want his children to emotionally break down. Kartik gets hyper when Manish and the family members refuse to tell anything. Manish feels stuck in the situation. He sees troubles around. Dadi suggests him to tell truth to Kartik, as he has grown up and can handle the bitter truth.

Dadi asks Manish to open up, as even Soumya would wish the same. She asks him to give Soumya’s letter to Kartik, which can make things fine between them. Manish gets hopeful and believes Lord. Kartik gets Soumya’s letter and reads her confessions about her illness and mistakes. Kartik reads Soumya has requested Manish not to tell her children about her illness, so that they don’t get ashamed of her. Kartik realizes Manish has kept his promise to Soumya always and didn’t had any selfish motive.

Kartik feels sorry that he has always held hatred for Manish when he was at no fault. Kirti too reads the letter and helps Kartik forget all his enmity for Manish. They hold Soumya’s memories and cherish. Naira asks them not to waste more time and talk to Manish. Kirti asks Kartik to apologize to Manish. Manish fears Kartik has got a big trauma. Suwarna tells Manish that Naira will manage Kartik well. Manish stays tensed and waits for Kartik. Kartik feels ashamed to meet Manish’s eyes. Suwarna thanks Naira for bringing Kartik and Manish closer. Kartik and Manish break the ice finally…..



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