Chandni to come up with more cute antics in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Chandni feels insulted when Advay invites Sasha home. Advay and Sasha show Chandni her place. Nani gets disappointed with Advay. Sasha asks Chandni to leave her attitude. She tells Chandni that she has more right on Advay. Maasi supports Sasha and makes Advay do all the rituals with Sasha. Maasi and Nani get against. Advay tells Nani that Chandni will never have any place in his life. Sasha surprises Advay. Adi teaches a lesson to Sasha.

Sasha apologizes to Nani for joking with her. Nani doesn’t accept Sasha. She asks her to go home. Sasha tells them that she has come to stay with them. Chandni doesn’t get let down by Advay’s doings. She takes the challenge to send Sasha away. Chandni shows her wife’s rights on Advay and the house. She insults Sasha. She talks of Advay and their romance. Chandni shows her bindaas avatar, surprising Advay as well. She asks Advay not to underestimate her. Advay tells her that she has no rights on him. Chandni shouts in his ears that she is his wife. Chandni’s cute antics get high. Maasi asks Sasha to keep Chandni away from Advay. Sasha has trust on Advay, that he will not accept Chandni. She doesn’t feel insecure of Chandni. She asks Maasi to rest assured. Sasha dreams of marrying Advay.


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