Neil finds a lead about Raghu pandit in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil got a proof against Gurumaa. Avni tells Neil about Juhi’s trapped state in Rangmahal. Neil breaks down knowing about Juhi. Neil will be exposing women trafficking case. He scolds Avni for risking her life and going to Rang mahal. He asks her does she realize what could have happened with her if Gurumaa saw her. He tells Avni that she will not go anywhere till he passes orders. He gets depressed that Gurumaa has turned Juhi into a Kotha dancer.

Avni explains Neil why she took big risk and go there. She says Juhi is in big danger, we have to hurry up and save Juhi. Neil is very angry knowing about Gurumaa selling Juhi to someone. Neil loses senses and gets broken up. Avni consoles him. Neil tells her that he has saved innocent girls and got peace, today he feels helpless as the girl he loved is caught up in this trafficking racket, I have lost. Avni says I can understand your pain, you have to make this pain your strength and save Juhi. Neil feels helpless as he has no leads to catch Raghu pandit. They don’t know Gurumaa is Raghu pandit. They get a clue by which they can reach Raghu pandit. Neil discovers Raghu pandit is a female. Avni tells Neil that Gurumaa is actually Ragini pandit, who is behind all this. Neil will soon solve this case.



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